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Editorial content empowered!

Have engaging conversations with your readers and publish interactive content within your articles.

WOW your readers with Sumappz - interactive bits that matter! WOW

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Go beyond plain text and make your content truly engaging

Make your readers’ voice resonant and refine your editorials with conversational content at its best.

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Transform interactive bits into native ads

Discover new ad placements within your articles and grab your visitors’ attention. Use our interactive bits right in your readers’ main eye-focus. Drive new revenue streams by displaying interactive forms of advertising integral with your content.

Use our interactive bits to:

  • maximize engagement
  • increase time-on-site
  • boost pageviews
  • drive more revenue
  • get shared and go viral
  • watch reader’s emotions

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Check your needs

Invite visitors to take a guided tour through your site and maximize pageviews.

Once published, at the end the interactive bits send users to the editorials recommended by you! It’s your call how you decide to drive the internal traffic to the desired parts of your site.

Recommend & guide

Engage = empower!

Create highly engaging content and reach new audience by being shared. Adjust the interactive bits to suit your reader’s expectations and let them feel a major part of your story.

Let your readers express
their emotions; make them influencers!

Talk with your audience & achieve top performance results on all devices!

Average engagement:

Create top-notch interactive content in no time!

No need for developing skills; just upload graphics, drag and drop to rearrange, type in your copy and publish!

1-2-3 - your readers will love it! will love it!

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  • collect valuable data and analyze
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  • listen to reader’s emotions
  • use native ads and monetize
  • increase time-on-site

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